JPC are first to offer young ex-offenders paid work experience at kings cross estate

The team at JPC by Samsic are delighted to be part of a groundbreaking collaboration that helps London’s young offenders find a route into gainful employment.

The scheme has been launched by Kings Cross Recruit (KXR) and Camden’s Youth Offending Service. Aimed at 16-18 year-olds the scheme offers them quality work experience opportunities to help re-integrate them into society, and give them a foundation on which to build their career.

The pilot program is in partnership with Kings Cross Estates Service (KCES), which manages much of Kings Cross estate. It is here that JPC by Samsic deliver environmental services, keeping the site clean, well-presented and secure, day and night. JPC by Samsic were the first company to sign up a young person – Blendi, 17 – to a long-term work placement.

Struggling at school, Blendi found himself outside of mainstream education, and caught up in a cycle of offending that led him into the youth justice system. Yet with dedicated mentoring and careers guidance from the Youth Offending Service, he found his way to a seminar at KX Recruit, offering work experience options with teams working with KCES.

Blendi chose to join JPC by Samsic team as Estates Porter, under Senior Operations Manager Sam Fletcher, who praised Blendi’s commitment to the role. “He impressed us straightaway with his positive attitude and willingness to make a fresh start, and fitted well into a large onsite team that works at a fast pace.”

Blendi describes JPC by Samsic team as “really supportive and helpful,” and the KCES experience as “a really nice community.”  He also mentioned that the competitive hourly wage he receives gives him even more motivation and job satisfaction. As he puts his former life behind him, he has set his sights on a career as a firefighter. “That part of my life is my past, now I just want to focus on myself. If I put my mind to something, I will do it.”

Sam Fletcher stated JPC by Samsic commitment to continue the good work it has started in its partnership with KCES. “We will be working closely with KX Recruit and the Youth Offending Team to ensure that we can offer regular placements at King’s Cross for a variety of Young Persons and hope to see them flourish and become important role models in the local community”.

Sam sees Blendi as setting the benchmark for other young people who could capitalise on this second chance to re-build their lives, and a solid foundation for a career. “Blendi has done the hard work and is now reaping the rewards. He should be proud of what he has accomplished and held up as an example to other Young Persons of what can be achieved when the opportunities that are offered are taken”