Celebrating Sylwia’s 15 years at JPC by Samsic

John Conry Jnr, JPC by Samsic Managing Director, recalls how he first met Sylwia Da Sousa in December 2006, when he was (in his own words) “a fresh-faced Guest Services Manager”  at high-end business campus Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work, where JPC had just taken over the cleaning contract.

Sylwia started her career in the facilities industry as a cleaning operative, and by now had worked her way up to Estate Supervisor at Chiswick Park site.  “It was obvious that Sylwia had great potential”, John commented, “and we quickly promoted her to Assistant Manager to help support, nurture and develop her skill set.”

Sylwia then quickly rose through the ranks to Area Manager, followed by Operations Manager and Senior Operations Manager in 2017. By 2019 she was JPC by Samsic Head of Operations. John Conry recalls what an asset she’s been to JPC by Samsic during what has been a time of enormous growth for the business, but with inevitable challenges too: “At all times though, through thick and thin Sylwia has been there to support both myself and the wider team. Her dedication and passion for JPC is what sets her apart.” – John Conry Jnr.

One of the major factors behind JPC by Samsic reputation for delivering top-level soft services in London is its team mindset. There is a clear sense of genuine camaraderie, because great managers like Sylwia invest in their people’s welfare and career goals.  This also accounts for the remarkably low staff turnover. Sylwia’s team are keen to acknowledge the support and career development she has offered them over the years.

Operations Manager Sandrino Vieira, with over 8 years at JPC, said that “her hard work, devotion and thoroughness never ceased to amaze me, and I am glad to have her as my line manager.”

Marcin Korsak has worked at JPC by Samsic for over 10 years, and now manages a wide London portfolio as Senior Contracts Manager. He adds “I’m continually impressed by how Sylwia can inspire everyone on the team to do their best. I can call her an incredible mentor and a true friend. I am so grateful for everything she has done to help me advance my career. I am so grateful that I can work with her every day.”

A great example of teamwork in action is when Sylwia and some colleagues completed the gruelling Tough Mudder obstacle course for Rainbow Trust charity. The demands of the course pushed them to their limits at times, but for Sylwia, it was pulling together as a team that made it worth the effort.

It’s this mindset that is the key to Sylwia’s success. As John Conry puts it: “Sylwia has a huge passion for the people that make up JPC and delivering the very best customer service to our wonderful clients. “

Sandrino Vieira speaks for us all at JPC by Samsic and Samsic UK when he adds, “Thank you for everything you have done for us all these years. I wish you a happy work anniversary!”