Providing London’s premium spaces with exceptional, attentive service begins with people. Our cleaning teams are trained in an industry leading customer service programme that allows us to maintain award-winning cleaning standards whilst delivering extraordinary guest experiences—our signature concierge style service.

As an employer of choice in London, JPC by Samsic are committed to supporting the wellbeing and success of our team members at all levels. We provide upskilling and career advancement opportunities as well as ongoing high potential training to empower our people as future leaders of the industry. You can look at our senior management for proof of that.


Rigorous. Proactive. Forward-thinking. For JPC by Samsic, innovation is a core value—embracing change and anticipating the needs of London’s working communities is how we have built our business from the start. Our award-winning Innovations Department is dedicated to identifying potential for improvement in our service delivery from an efficiency and environmental standpoint. We proactively integrate new technology and trial unique and progressive offerings at our own expense, and craft impactful, flexible and agile solutions for our clients that have won national recognition. This structured approach to continuous improvement ensures we can continue to provide maximum value to our clients, year after year.


JPC by Samsic are committed to revolutionising the way we clean in London. Technology is the key to taking our service provision to the next level, and—true to our innovative spirit—we continuously seek opportunities to explore and integrate the latest advancements. Our shift to a data-led service delivery has improved our efficiency and strengthened our operations across the board. Digital tools allow us to modernise the way we manage compliance, enhance health and safety on our sites, and pass on considerable cost savings to our clients through informed cleaning allocation. Keeping abreast of the latest equipment and products and thoughtfully integrating them into our operations means we can do our bit for the planet as we support our clients in their own sustainability goals as well.


It is our responsibility—and privilege—to build a better, more inclusive and sustainable world. JPC by Samsic are proud to be industry leaders in ESG, and we welcome new opportunities to build caring for our environment and communities into our business. From engineering truly sustainable and equitable operations, to delivering key social impact initiatives that reflect a welcoming, multicultural London, we are committed to doing things right. Our clients benefit from our knowledge and expertise in ESG, too. As part of our 360 degree approach to service delivery, our ESG specialists design and execute creative, practical, and actionable projects to support (and even shape) clients’ ESG goals that have won national awards and recognition..