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Return to work with confidence

After 6 long months of juggling priorities, schools have reopened, and many are beginning to plan their return to work. As the government pushes for those who have been working from home to make their way back to the office, here at Samsic, we’ve been looking at ways to use our facilities services to make this transition as seamless as possible for our clients.

For many returning to work, the priority will be health and safety. That’s why we have created a Covid focused visible hygiene routine for workspaces.

Return to Work Deep Clean

We offer a range of deep and clinical cleaning options, from surface sanitation to full building fogging. For our deepest clean, we’ll send expertly trained teams to your premises to carry out a full sanitisation service using our innovative electrostatic sprayers, which distribute disinfecting droplets evenly across all surfaces, including shadowed and hidden areas.

Touchpoint Cleaning

Workforce assurance is absolutely critical to staff returning to work, and regular cleaning of high traffic areas and well-used touchpoints will help to nurture confidence in building safety. Alongside routine daily cleaning, we provide housekeeping and janitorial services focused on infection control activities such as sanitising shared surfaces, handles, printers, copiers and fixtures.


From remotely monitoring room usage to ensure that cleaning interventions are deployed to the right places at the right time, to self-sanitising door handles and push plates to reduce cross-contamination between work areas, we provide a range of innovative products and services that keep your teams and buildings safe.

User Engagement

Using smart device QR scanners and bar codes, your workforce can report cleaning requirements and audit our services, ensuring that no spillage or contamination goes unnoticed.


Ensuring that workplaces are equipped with the right tools to keep staff safe and healthy will help to build assurance as staff return to work. Alongside the usual consumables and hand sanitising gel, we can equip each site with Spill Stations including spill kits consisting of gloves, goggles, absorbent pads and mats, waste bags and over-the-spill absorbent sheets to maintain workspace functionality and hygiene standards.

For more information about how our hygiene services can help your staff to return safely to work, take a look at our service catalogue.

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