JPC and Adopt the World

Building truly sustainable and equitable operations means giving everyone the opportunity to feel good by doing their bit for the planet. Earlier this week, the JPC by Samsic team led another litter pick around The Leadenhall Building in support of Plastic Busters’ ‘Adopt the World’ initiative. We had loads of fun joining our service partners for a morning of cleaning up our community, and we are looking forward to hitting the streets in our high-vis vests again soon.

We first began doing these litter picking days for ‘Adopt the World’ earlier this year. Wendy Bignold, our Account Manager for The Leadenhall Building, wanted to organise an activity that would ensure all team members had the opportunity to partake in JPC’s environmental stewardship efforts. Understanding the socioeconomic barriers to participation in workplace charity efforts, Wendy sensitively engineered this initiative so that everyone could contribute and feel empowered to do their bit for a better planet. We also managed to loop in our service partners, fostering community and social inclusion at The Leadenhall Building whilst in service of the greater good, giving our sustainable choices that much more impact.

For JPC by Samsic, our ‘Adopt the World’ litter picks are also an opportunity to share strategies for achieving a new standard of business ethics we would like to see employed across London. In coordinating regular litter picks of the front and back of The Leadenhall Building as well as the street beyond our cleaning remit, we have, effectively, adopted an inner-city space that is usually forgotten. Wendy and our team deliberately engaged our other service partners and encouraged them to share our passion, rather than saving the recognition for ourselves. The knock-on effect of this environmental stewardship effort has been a greater sense of community across FM service lines for The Leadenhall Building, which has in turn informed and enhanced our corporate social responsibility efforts company-wide.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to give back in so many ways through our contracts across London. Blending our community-building activities with our environmental efforts is a win-win for all involved.