Carbon-conscious cleaning

JPC by Samsic are industry leaders in delivering efficient, carbon-conscious cleaning that is responsive to fluctuating footfall and the new normal of hybrid working models. Embracing a data-led cleaning service provision has allowed us to make great strides in our journey to Net Zero whilst ensuring safe and healthy environments.

It is our responsibility—and privilege—to build a better, more inclusive and sustainable world. JPC by Samsic are proud to be industry leaders in ESG, and we welcome new opportunities to build caring for our environment and communities into our business. From engineering truly sustainable and equitable operations, to delivering key social impact initiatives that reflect a welcoming, multicultural London, we are committed to doing things right.

Our clients benefit from our knowledge and expertise in ESG, too. As part of our 360 degree approach to service delivery, our ESG specialists design and execute creative, practical, and actionable projects to support (and even shape) clients’ ESG goals that have won national awards and recognition.

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