At JPC, we’re constantly looking for new ways to innovate.

Innovation from JPC

Innovation is one of the core values of our business. We are always looking for new ways to service our customers and implement best practice, including the introduction of a client portal, giving real time access to operational aspects of the contract, the use of flow cleaning methodology to ensure the highest quality results in every area, and investment in industry leading equipment and technology.

Facial recognition technology

This innovative platform makes the signing in/ out process more secure, efficient and effective. Benefits include the removal of paper-based methods, increased transparency, and real time reporting.

Quality control and monitoring

To enhance our service delivery and quality control, we use our innovative QMS platform to monitor, measure and manage our cleaning activities. This system helps to ensure that teams are both proactive and reactive, increasing their efficiency and effectiveness.

Chemical free cleaning

We use chemical free cleaning to reduce harmful chemicals used on our sites. By generating a cleaning solution in bulk, on site, using only water, salt and electricity, we significantly reduce the cost and the environmental impact of our services. What’s more, this chemical free solution is safer for staff and building users.

JPC Chemical Free Cleaning


We’re revolutionising window and glass cleaning with our lightweight Stingray system. Using this clever innovation, our operatives can clean windows 25% faster, using 39% less chemicals than traditional cloth and bucket cleaning.

It not only increases productivity by cleaning glass more efficiently and eliminating time spent moving furniture and filling buckets, it also improves safety by eliminating the need for moving and climbing ladders.


Oztek is an innovation in floor cleaning. a fast and efficient oscillating cleaning system for both carpeted and hard flooring, that cleans and sanitises without the use of chem­icals. It cleans from all angles, oscillating dirt and contaminates from fibres and surfaces, removing soil and restoring carpet pile to a certifiable anti-microbiotic and visual standard.

oztek floor cleaning

ICE Smart

As part of our push to innovative machinery, ICE Smart enables larger machines to run self-diagnostics through onboard videos and tutorials. Where an issue cannot be rectified, ICE Smartcall uses video technology to connect cleaning colleagues and engineers with specialists within our supply partner ICE to provide immediate diagnostics and maintenance.

Some of our awards

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